Logging on Stolford Farm


Back in early September Joe and Jack started logging and moving up some of the many fallen ash and beech trees at the bottom of Stolford Wood.  Vehicle access isn’t the easiest to this part of the farm so the Gator (or the ‘ Monster truck ‘ as it’s nicknamed) was in full use ferrying …

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Reseeding at Stolford Farm

During late August and early September we reseeded just over 60 acres of the grassland we use for mowing.  We used a mixture of various Ryegrasses, Timothy, Cocksfoot and about 10% white clover in Eight Gates and Netcombe Cottage.  A different mixture of various Ryegrasses with 25% red clover was used on Top Barn, Top …

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Planting apple trees

Fruits of our Labour

After planting new trees behind the main house in March, the first of our apples are looking great and ready for the upcoming harvest. We planted these trees with a lot of care, as the conditions for growing apples on the moor aren’t always the best. However, behind the house is a well sheltered, south …

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Lower Stolford

Lower Stolford Revealed

After many decades shrouded in undergrowth and forming the back wall of the lean-to log shed, the recent demolition work has revealed the remains of Lower Stolford farm house, abandoned in the late 1960’s and left to its own devices ever since.  The stone walls are still in decent condition, and we are quite tempted …

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Steve Hutchinson mowed about 25 acres for haylage on Friday, and about 24 hours later Jason has baled it, finishing at about 10 p.m. The main difference between hay and haylage is the way it is made.  Haylage is cut like hay, but only allowed to semi-wilt and not dry completely.  It is cut later than grass …

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Sheep at Stolford Farm

Sheep on the Farm

The sheep were turned out this afternoon, bit of a drab day for the lambs but as usual they are full of life and bouncing about all over the place!  There are about 100 ewes, a mixture of Texel and Jacob, and about 140 lambs so far, split between the 17 Acre and Browns Lane.   …

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Chain Harrowing at Stolford Farm

Chain Harrowing

Just completed about 200 acres of chain harrowing on Stolford farm over a two week period, taking advantage of the good weather we had over the Easter break.  The curly one is Reservoir Field, the one with the beech unhelpfully (but picturesquely) plonked in the middle is Browns Lane, and the one that looks like …

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Easter at Stolford Farm

What a glorious bank holiday weekend at Stolford Farm!  After the annual children’s Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning an afternoon of relaxation and sunbathing in the garden was followed by burgers on the barbecue in the afternoon and marshmallows toasted on the firepit before bed (no wine was consumed – honest!). Let’s have more …

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