April Sunrise

We have already done some nice sunset pictures, so I thought we’d share with people a lovely April sunrise on a frosty Sunday morning.  The bulling heifers are the only cattle out at the moment, but the sheep and their lambs have been out since late March, and although they do have a field shelter to use, they prefer not to.   The heifers and the sheep have got a bit of hay until the grass picks up later in the month (hopefully), and then it’s on to the last batch of calves we intend to buy, which we are hoping will comprise about fifteen heifers, and ten or so steers.  We have also bought a pedigree polled Hereford bull who turns up in May.  All of our own calves will be three quarters Hereford, a highly prized beef breed, except our calves will be a bit taller and the heifers a bit milkier. So we’ll see how that goes for a year or two.