Stolford Farm

Farm Holidays in Exmoor

luxurious self catering farm cottages

We have two self catering farm cottages in Exmoor. Middle Stolford and The Cowshed have both been refurbished to a high standard and offer excellent facilities for our guests

The Cowshed Exmoor Holiday Cottage


The Cowshed

A luxury single bedroom converted barn at Stolford Farm. Perfect for couples

Middle Stolford Exmoor Holiday Cottage


Middle Stolford

A traditional Exmoor farmhouse, recently refurbished and great for families


Farm holidays in Exmoor offer a range of opportunities to explore. A farm map is always left in the properties for new guests to find their way about. And numerous footpaths and bridleways that criss-cross the Exmoor landscape mean that you can wander or ride far and wide and you are not confined to Stolford Farm.

The cottages are also located along Coleridge Way, which is a 50 mile walking path / bridle path.  

There are three stables available for guests to rent, together with the use of a very nice ménage.  Find out more about our horse riding holidays in Exmoor.


Both properties have access to a first-class tennis court, and there is a recently added and height adjustable single basketball hoop at the rear of the tennis court for kids and adults to have a bit of fun.   

There is a toddlers play area to the rear of the main house including a slide, swing, and climbing frame.  You are welcome to use it but please ensure that an adult is on hand to supervise.           

Dogs and Pets

Dogs are welcome to stay at both Middle Stolford, and the Cowshed, but is it a working farm and there are some common-sense rules we need you to follow.  In Middle Stolford, the property is gated, and has a stock fence made up of wooden top rails and sheep netting to a height of 1.2 meters.  We have avoided barbed wire for the domestic fencing.  You will know your dog better than we do, and if it is an escape artist, no stock fence is going to keep it in!  The garden itself is quite large and will provide ample space for outside activities such as barbecues, sunbathing, and other recreational activites.

When using the farm footpaths and bridleways, we ask you to keep your dog on a lead.  There are always sheep and lambs on the property, and they are moved about regularly so a field that was empty yesterday might not be today.  Dogs can cause major problems for ewes in lamb, and new born lambs, so play it safe and keep the lead on.  Even when there are no sheep present, care must be taken with ground nesting birds, which are plentiful in the surrounding countryside.

When walking the property, you will usually find yourself alone apart from the wildlife. There are some lovely walks in every direction, often through unspoilt woodland or ancient permanent pasture.   A good rule of thumb is always close the gates behind you, even if they were open when you got there!  Footpaths and bridleways are open to the public, and somebody less careful than you may have got there first.  If you follow this rule, you may save us a lot of time looking for sheep. There is something about an open gate that they cannot resist, even if they are up to their ears in grass in the field they are supposed to be in!

On Arrival

You will find Middle Stolford and the Cowshed presented to a very high standard, with all the beds freshly made up and a little welcome pack of tea, coffee, milk, and sugar provided free of charge.  We will not be bothering you after that, unless your stay is longer than a week, in which case our housekeeper will every Friday make up the beds with fresh linen and have a general tidy up.  You will have our mobile numbers and landline if you need to contact us, or you can try knocking on the front door of the main farmhouse.  If we are in we will answer it, but help is never far away.  If you need logs, or kindling, or firelighters, let us know when you book, or ask us when you get there.  

Asda and Waitrose both provide a home delivery service to all properties on Stolford farm if you want to obtain your holiday shopping via the internet.