Drilling For Water

When we bought the farm we had no water in any of the fields by Syndercombe Lane, or in the fields alongside the River Tone.  This made grassland management problematic, because we had to ‘ranch’ about 120 acres in order to provide livestock with water from our own streams.  So we got a water diviner in who found a good supply in three places alongside Syndercombe Lane, and the drilling rig found about 40 litres a minute on its second try.  So it’s all now capped off and pump installed.  Next we ploughed in about 1,000 meters of pipe, and installed 13 new concrete troughs so that we now have water in every field which is better for the stock, and makes managing the grazing a lot easier.  You can see the guys finished the trough installation quite late at night!  If like me, you harbour lingering doubts about water diviners forget it, they definitely do find water.