Lambing The Shropshire’s

In an earlier blog, I did say we would probably pick a different breed for our main flock, because the first lot scoffed our Christmas trees. However, we have just lambed our original batch of ewes, of which 18 ended up in lamb, producing 28 very strong and hardy offspring which basically means we have fallen back in love with Shropshire’s, so we’re buying another 20 shearling ewes in May. The lambs are a good size, the Shroppies are brilliant Mums, so all in all their dining crimes are now forgiven. As I may have mentioned in earlier blogs, our experience here is mostly with cattle and grassland, so this first year has meant that every day’s school day. But we’ve been through a whole cycle with them now, and the confidence is growing. We had a bit of help from pir neighbour’s as always, so it’s onwards and upwards with the sheep. The thinking is we will probably also buy a batch of Llewyn ewes in mid-summer and lamb twice a year, probably putting them to a Shropshire tupp as well, for a spot of hybrid vigour. The commentary on the video is provided by Ben Scully, our farm foreman and number one sheep fan. Also, it runs in the family, Jessica Scully loves them too!