Our first batch of calves

Regular visitors to our holiday lets will know that we have been working towards establishing a beef herd at Stolford, and that I have changed my mind dozens of times regarding breed.  In the end we settled on British Friesian Hereford crosses, from an organic dairy farm in Leicestershire.  We wanted to kick off with …

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The barley is in

Once again, we have been hampered by the wet August weather, but Steve Hutchings managed to combine the barley in Brown Lane last week just before the current stretch of wet weather that has been with us since about August 14th.  It’s our first organic cereal crop since the official commencement of our organic status …

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July walks on Stolford Farm

Just a reminder of some of the glorious scenery our visitors can walk to from Middle Stolford or the Cowshed.  These pictures were taken on an afternoon walk in mid-July.  They show some of what can be seen on the way to Clatworthy reservoir, on the southern tip of the farm, as you travel down …

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Organic Status Confirmed

Backdated to January 1st 2020, Stolford Farm has been granted organic status, and we have also had our Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) proposals accepted.  The main and most obvious impact of organic status means that no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides will be used at Stolford in the future, and all our seed, feed, and …

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New Patio, Hot Tub, and all weather BBQ, Clay Oven, and Log Fire Place open in Middle Stolford

From July 4th this year we have been able to offer Middle Stolford guests a brand new facility to make their stay with us even more exciting and memorable.  New stone steps lead down onto an Indian Slate patio with two outside patio tables with parasols, sun loungers, and a 5 seater hot tub.  A …

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Springing into Life

At Stolford we always say we are 3 weeks behind in terms of the garden. Each year daffodils are starting to go over in the coastal towns and villages whilst we are still eagerly awaiting our first blooms.  However, from mid spring we start to catch up and it’s from this point on that some of our …

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Sheep 1

The Sheep Have Arrived

Over the last couple of weeks, Steve Hutchings sheep have been arriving at Stolford Farm, so at least we’ve got some customers for our grass, even if the holiday lets are sitting vacant!  There are more twins than last year, and way more grass, so now we see the results of all our work and …

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The Farming Continues

It’s been a busy farming Spring all over Exmoor and Stolford Farm is no exception.  Regardless of lockdown the seasons wait for nobody.  All the usual activities, including about 200 acres of harrowing, a lot of farmyard manure spreading on the hay ground (it’s our best option now we have gone organic), and some tactical …

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