Middle Stolford upgrades

Last year we built our clay oven, barbecue, and open fire facility in Middle Stolford (see earlier blog!).   All of these were designed from the perspective of an individual from the chalk downlands of Berkshire and Wiltshire, so our first Exmoor winter highlighted the need for a number a number of changes.  Firstly, it required …

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Probably a world first

Cattle can get bored in a barn sometimes, obviously not when there’s food to be scoffed or some fresh bedding to charge about in, but nonetheless, we think it’s important for them to develop new skills in their spare time.  So this year my wife taught them how to take selfies, which is very tricky …

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Farm Cat’s new home

If you’ve stayed here before you’ve probably met Farm Cat.  I unfairly called her the beast of Exmoor in an earlier blog, but that’s before we got to know her.  She was feral when we arrived, the previous owners having failed after numerous attempts to get her in the car when they left.  They left …

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Shropshires at Stolford Farm

In late March we took delivery of a batch of 20 pedigree Shropshire shearling ewes, and they started life here in Middle Barn undergoing a number of veterinary procedures much to their general disapproval.  After a three hour ride in a trailer the last thing you want is a footbath, several vaccinations, and a worming …

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Cattle turned out a bit late

Especially after living in Fortress Lockdown for a year all of us, urban and rural communities alike, have all been cursing this cold, wet, and windy spring.  The grass was a long time coming and still isn’t doing what we had hoped for, but there’s enough to be getting on with just about, and things …

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Our first batch of calves

Regular visitors to our holiday lets will know that we have been working towards establishing a beef herd at Stolford, and that I have changed my mind dozens of times regarding breed.  In the end we settled on British Friesian Hereford crosses, from an organic dairy farm in Leicestershire.  We wanted to kick off with …

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The barley is in

Once again, we have been hampered by the wet August weather, but Steve Hutchings managed to combine the barley in Brown Lane last week just before the current stretch of wet weather that has been with us since about August 14th.  It’s our first organic cereal crop since the official commencement of our organic status …

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July walks on Stolford Farm

Just a reminder of some of the glorious scenery our visitors can walk to from Middle Stolford or the Cowshed.  These pictures were taken on an afternoon walk in mid-July.  They show some of what can be seen on the way to Clatworthy reservoir, on the southern tip of the farm, as you travel down …

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