The Sheep Have Arrived

Over the last couple of weeks, Steve Hutchings sheep have been arriving at Stolford Farm, so at least we’ve got some customers for our grass, even if the holiday lets are sitting vacant!  There are more twins than last year, and way more grass, so now we see the results of all our work and the farm is busy and working once again.  So far, they’ve all stayed in the right fields, which is a tick in the box for Stolford fences and gates, and the weather has been mostly warm, if a little windy and moist in the past 24 hours.  

By the time we open, hopefully in June, the lambs will be double the size they are this afternoon, and they will be a lot less daft and charming, but they’ll still be worth watching over the gate. As with last year, they’re a mixture of Texel and Jacob ewes, and there are about 400 of them so far.  More to follow. 

Sheep 1