The Farming Continues

It’s been a busy farming Spring all over Exmoor and Stolford Farm is no exception.  Regardless of lockdown the seasons wait for nobody.  All the usual activities, including about 200 acres of harrowing, a lot of farmyard manure spreading on the hay ground (it’s our best option now we have gone organic), and some tactical topping where the native grasses were out stripping our new seed and coming to a head before the ryegrass was even out of the blocks! 

We’re about two weeks behind the lower lying land up here.  We’re just beginning to see the emergence of white and red clover on the reseeded ground too, which again is welcome news on the organic front, clover being a nitrogen ‘fixer’ which is good for the long term productivity and health of our grassland.  We’ve also been lucky with the weather, with periods of warm sunshine interspersed with useful amounts of rainfall, so we’re looking very green and bountiful at the moment. 

We appear to be on the way to having a way better year with the grass than 2019, but the final result is dependent on what weather May and June present us with.  The barley Steve sowed in Brown lane got off to a soggy start, but has since made up for it and is looking very strong.   All in all, a great start to 2020 on the farm, which is a blessing considering all the other things 2020 has thrown at us so far.