Lockdown Activity at Stolford Farm

Needless to say, we haven’t had a single guest at either Middle Stolford or the Cowshed since lockdown kicked in, which is fair enough, but it has left us with a lot of time on our hands.  As a result, all of those jobs we were ‘going to do one day’ have been getting done.  Fencing, new gates and posts, replacing tired woodwork around field and track entrances, repairing stonework, tidying up windfall trees and branches, and dozens of other activities have kept us all busy from dawn until dusk for the past eight weeks. 

Our son George has learned to drive the JCB and helped me with some fence work, and he’s also mastered a chain saw.  Our eldest daughter Olivia has been pretty tied up with college work, but has found time to build a few bug hotels, while her boyfriend Joe, home from the Navy, has proved a handy workmate on the logging and fencing.  We’ll be in tip-top shape for our guests whenever that might be! 

Anyway, we cannot wait to welcome visitors and we have made a host of improvements around the property that are intended to make your stay in this part of Somerset fun, memorable and rewarding.

Fence Building