Fruits of our Labour

After planting new trees behind the main house in March, the first of our apples are looking great and ready for the upcoming harvest. We planted these trees with a lot of care, as the conditions for growing apples on the moor aren’t always the best. However, behind the house is a well sheltered, south facing area and as a result, the trees have shot up. Large planting holes,  well rotted horse manure and sturdy tree guards and wire were needed to ensure a good start and also to guard against rabbits and deer who love to nibble them! 

A good mix of cider varieties as well as some eaters to ensure good pollination. Below you can see Joe at the time of planting in March.

Also pictured is a ‘Dabinett’ apple,  a vintage Somerset cider apple, believed to have been discovered growing in a hedgerow near Taunton by a local vicar. A truly local variety doing well even high up on Exmoor. The cider will be good this year! 

Planting apple trees