Pizza oven, fireplace, barbecue and hot tub

Work is well underway for our new all-weather barbecue, pizza oven, and fireplace in Middle Stolford.  The design was carefully prepared in the bar at the Lowtrow Arms in July, and the results so far look nothing like the drawings, but in a good way.    Dan, the stone mason, also doubles up as the landlord at the Lowtrow (well worth a visit!), so the work is running on Somerset time which is unlike normal chronology but way more interesting.  We are confident it will be completed some time or another.  Joking apart, it is a fabulous piece of craftmanship, and has been constructed from local stone using traditional methods and a little bit of Dan-magic. 

When complete, it will seat ten people with enough room to swing a pint in one hand and a burger in the other, and its positioning will keep out the weather which mainly arrives from the south-west.  On top of that, work is also underway on a stone patio area for a new hot tub, the foundations of which can be seen below.   We are going to pile up the logs this Autumn because we think the fireplace will get a lot of use.  Guests are in for a treat next season, we are looking forward to using it ourselves too.   

Pizza Oven Construction