Cattle turned out a bit late

Especially after living in Fortress Lockdown for a year all of us, urban and rural communities alike, have all been cursing this cold, wet, and windy spring.  The grass was a long time coming and still isn’t doing what we had hoped for, but there’s enough to be getting on with just about, and things have started to move a bit better in the last week or two.  The hope for us is that we can avoid using the hay ground for grazing if possible, or we  might struggle for fodder next winter. 

Anyway, the cattle are out, albeit a few weeks later than we had hoped for, and have been very happy in the short gaps between downpours and gales!   We have a great video of the cattle being turned out but I can’t post it because I was rude to me wife who got carried away filming and stood in the gateway we were trying to drive them through.  This was out of character because it’s usually her being rude to me.  We do have some nice pics of them when they had stopped belting around the field like loons after six months in a barn.  They will now be out until about October, by which time, if the weather holds true to form, they’ll be very happy to come indoors.  Having moaned about the quantity of grass, you can’t knock the quality especially at this time of year, when it’s at its most nutritious.