July walks on Stolford Farm

Just a reminder of some of the glorious scenery our visitors can walk to from Middle Stolford or the Cowshed.  These pictures were taken on an afternoon walk in mid-July.  They show some of what can be seen on the way to Clatworthy reservoir, on the southern tip of the farm, as you travel down the track from the farm buildings and on through Stolford Wood. 

The wood itself is massively dominated by ancient beech trees.  There are other species, such as oak, and even the odd sycamore.  The one downside is that, as with the rest of the countryside in Britain, ash dieback is taking its toll even in our beautiful woodland, and whilst we haven’t got a lot of ash, most of what we have got will have to be felled this winter.  But we do have plans to do a lot of planting to fill in and gaps, and even extend our woodland into nooks and crannies that are hard to reach with a tractor, so things can only get better.  We will do our bit to keep the woodland as vibrant and healthy as we can, and as you can see from the photos, it doesn’t detract from the natural splendour we can offer our visitors.