Springing into Life

At Stolford we always say we are 3 weeks behind in terms of the garden. Each year daffodils are starting to go over in the coastal towns and villages whilst we are still eagerly awaiting our first blooms. 

However, from mid spring we start to catch up and it’s from this point on that some of our lovely flowers can be seen around the place, particularly in the borders round the house and Middle Stolford cottage. 

Of particular interest at the moment is Iris ‘Jane Phillips’ a lovely light blue , delicate Iris near the copper bowl bed, which is brief but beautiful. 

In the lookout border a personal favorite  Allium christophii slowly opens , and will continue to open and change over the next month or so. An easy plant to grow at home, just plant the bulbs in the Autumn and let them do the rest. 

Round Middle Stolford the roses have been trained back to the wall once again, and alchemilla mollis continues to pop up in all of the nooks and cranies.  It’s a great ground cover plant and will self seed absolutely everywhere, and has a really long flowering period. A must have for any cottage garden setting ! 

Finally, the huge variety of birds  we see up here have been appearing lately, look out for the next blog post on them. Joe