Back in early September Joe and Jack started logging and moving up some of the many fallen ash and beech trees at the bottom of Stolford Wood.  Vehicle access isn’t the easiest to this part of the farm so the Gator (or the ‘ Monster truck ‘ as it’s nicknamed) was in full use ferrying the timber up and down the prickly path.

 Working on a wind fall tree like the ones pictured requires careful planning and awareness as the tree stem and limbs are under lots of extreme tension , and one wrong cut could see the whole tree flip over as the weight shifts ! Luckily we enjoy the puzzle of working it all out, and it’s a beautiful spot to work in, as the wood leads out to Catworthy reservoir.

As we head into winter, the log splitter has come out and the logs will be split and left to season in our lovely new barn ready for next year. It’s great to be able to make use of the trees that have fallen over, heating up the cottages in a sustainable way. 

Logging on Stolford Farm