Chain Harrowing

Just completed about 200 acres of chain harrowing on Stolford farm over a two week period, taking advantage of the good weather we had over the Easter break.  The curly one is Reservoir Field, the one with the beech unhelpfully (but picturesquely) plonked in the middle is Browns Lane, and the one that looks like Wimbledon at 30 degrees is Middle Barn.  A fly has become immortalised in this shot!  

Officially we do this every spring to remove dead thatch, lift vegetation up and level any mole hills. The main purpose is to allow air movement and root aeration which helps the soil to breathe and improves water infiltration.  But really I like doing it because you can make lovely stripes that can be seen from space!   

We also limed about 60 acres which keeps the acidic Exmoor soil in a good place for grassland to thrive, and we are reseeding about 20 acres next week with a mix of Ryegrass, Timothy, Cocksfoot, and white clover.  We’ll see how we get on with that, and there will be a further Agri-nerd blog shortly after.  The sheep will be turned out this week, so lots of frolicking lambs pix to follow.

Chain Harrowing at Stolford Farm