New log and tractor shed at Lower Stolford

It’s a bit bigger than the old one, and a lot smarter.  Designed and built by Pete Henson of Exmoor Welding, when finished it will have two concrete walled bays for our logs and logging equipment, with three bays left over for the tractor, digger, and posher implements.   Our thanks to Pete and his team for not starting the noisy work before 10 (guests wouldn’t appreciate it!), and doing a very professional job.   The old one was stylishly rural, but a major threat to health and safety.    

Also, it’s fair to point out that due to the tight access to the site, Steve Hutchings had to deliver the concrete slabs over about half a mile of dodgy fields on a tractor and trailer, whilst an unflappable unidentified hero from Exmoor Welding delivered many tons of steel on a trailer pulled by a Discovery which turned out to have a stopping distance of roughly 100 meters with the wheels locked and no obvious means of steering in any particular direction.   

Tractor Shed